Monday, October 22, 2012

The Waiting Game

In 9 more days, I will finally get my LSAT scores back. I'm a bit nervous, and I haven't worked much lately. I'm still working on saving money for my almost inevitable move. I also found out that, get this, someone I know is selling their apartment contract! I've met her, she wants to move out in January, and the rent is only $250 a month including utilities and wi-fi. I've actually been to that complex and spent the night there with my bestie, so this is almost unreal. It's incredibly possible that an apartment opportunity has just fallen into my lap. Not just an  apartment opportunity, though. An apartment complex that I've seen myself, with people that I can live with (the seller doesn't like people very much and she's had no problems), great rent, and also one of the best locations for the vehicular and financially challenged.
I'm a little apprehensive about the idea of going from living at home with my mom, two sisters, and my own bedroom to sharing a room with a girl I don't know and 4 other girls in the apartment. But, it'll be a good experience for me. All that really seems to be missing right now from my moving plan is a job, and I'm going to look into that as soon as I get my LSAT scores and start working on my BYU law school application (assuming that I did well enough on the test).
Finally, though, I've made a decision and I feel like things are starting to get moving. I'm so ready for this. Ready to grow, ready to learn more, and ready to meet more people. It's so beautiful out there. All I am going to miss from here will be my family, dear friends (hi, Rachel!), my ward, and my cats. Those are all things I can cope with, even though it'll be hard. For anyone reading this, prayers are always appreciated on my behalf. I still have a lot to think and worry about. I need a laptop, to figure out how I'm going to get out there (flight, obviously, but Southwest is having some issues), when I'm going to go, etc. But, strangely, I feel peaceful about all of this. I have Heavenly Father to thank for that. Here comes life :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Well, I did it. Today, I took the LSAT! I barely slept last night. I missed the first and a bit of the second sessions of General Conference because of this test (and I'm catching up now). I really hated missing conference because of this test, but this just couldn't wait until the December test date. My head is spinning now. Why? It could be the lack of sleep, the fact that the pressure of taking that test is finally gone, or it could be that I had a 99.7 fever yesterday! I was so terrified that I was going to come down with an awful cold. Thankfully, some Zicam, echinachea, and Vitamin C, and a couple of asprin before the test later, I felt plenty well enough to be able to take the test with a pretty good bit of confidence. Now, I wait. It'll probably be the day of Halloween that I receive my score. That score is going to determine what I end up doing next.