Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unsolicited Blessings

Wow, lapsing on updates here... So, I got my LSAT scores on the first of this month. 163. At first, without putting things into perspective, I was a bit sad about the score because I thought I had done better but then realized that the score falls into the 87th percentile. That being said, I'm leaving January 7, 2013; 40 days from today. Due to some complications, I have yet to secure my apartment via the deposit but it should be taken care of soon. Things are falling into place without strain on my part.
That brings me to the subject line of my post--unsolicited blessings. First, the apartment contract offer falling right into my lap at the right time. Then, I was able to get airfare out of a close-by airport that is known to be expensive for under $200. Now, this morning, I received a call from the principal of the local elementary school (pretty much my boss, I work at the elementary school more than any of the other schools). She is aware of my moving in January, and asked me...wait for it...if I would be willing to work every school day until Christmas vacation! With the exception of Friday, due to preparation for a yard sale, I will be doing said work. It's so great to be able to not have finances even be an issue when I move out to Utah. I worked today, I'll work tomorrow, and then in the month of December I'll work 15 days. This will be plenty to get me started out on my journey. Not only do I get all of this work, I'm doing work that I'm comfortable with. I'm subbing for a teaching assistant with teachers who like me, especially the one I'll be working with the most. What more could I ask for? I didn't pray for this, it just happened. Heavenly Father is so good to me. All I've asked from Him about this whole thing is to let me know if it's right for me by stopping me if it's not. In turn, he's blessed me abundantly. Admittedly, I was starting to feel a little forgotten. Like I've been trying, but not hard enough to deserve more than what I've been getting. These blessings are boosting my self-esteem. I know Heavenly Father loves me, but I just needed to feel a little more worth His love, I guess.
I have also been blessed with a new friend in my life, and ward. She and I are a lot alike and we've enjoyed talking and spending a little time together thus far. I feel like now I can actually enjoy the journey instead of almost always waiting on the next step. Don't get me wrong, there are certainly enjoyable things that I have looked forward to (like a certain friend's bridal shower that was really fun), but overall I've felt like I've been waiting for my life to get started for...years. Finally, here it comes. Adventure. Fun. Learning. Friends. Independence. It seems that my time is coming, and I'm so grateful for that.

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