Monday, May 27, 2013

Today Is Amazing!

Today, on this Memorial Day, I had the wonderful fortune to only work 4 hours; what a blessing work is, too. I also got to go to the park twice with some awesome people! For the first time in my life, I played ultimate frisbee and I also found another person who knows what Speedminton is! Frisbee, Speedminton, otter pops, and friends!
I also made chicken and dumplings, managing to feed 9 of my wonderful friends dinner and even save some for a couple of lunches for myself. Kelsey, Makenzie, Ellen, Melissa and I also watched the new episode of Studio C!
 Goofing off, dancing, laughing, singing, playing, sharing, diving for frisbees, drinking a Slurpee, and getting to know new people! Today is a fantastic day.
To finish off, have a silly joke :)

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